5 Unexpected Uses of Sildenafil: Australia Shoppers Never Heard Of

Viagra is a famous brand with a world name. This is a special remedy, which was designed to treat problems with erection. Its main active substance is called Sildenafil citrate. This is a specific selective inhibitor PDE5 of great potential. It has a powerful influence on the blood streaming in the pelvic organs. It supports the organ with additional amounts of blood through a relaxation of blood vessels. With the presence of a natural arousal, there occurs a strong and lasting erection. It can be achieved in 15-30 minutes after the administration and a man can have an erection for 4-5 hours in a row.

This is the main usage of this active substance. Nonetheless, Sildenafil is known for its resourcefulness and is used by the physicians for the treatment of some other ailments. Some of these usages may be quite surprising and unexpected for all Australian, as well as for other shoppers of the world.


It is known that primarily, Sildenafil was created to treat lung and heart diseases but it acted much better for the male potency. Nonetheless, it is actively used to treat oxygen insufficiency and pulmonary hypertension (or lowered blood pressure). These are quite common uses of this inhibitor. However, we can name at least 5 other uses of Sildenafil, which might surprise and be interesting for you.

  1. Jet lag. According to a research at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes situated in Buenos Aires, it is possible to sufficiently quicken the recovery from jet lag. There is the so-called “clock” in the human cerebrum. It has a control of our sleep-cycles. This very clock is answerable for the production of different hormones and neurotransmitters. These substances are answerable for various functions and one of these is the production of cGMP enzyme. Viagra boosts the production of this enzyme and this positively reflects on the period required for a recovery. It was given to the animals who adapted faster to light changes. This gave a hope that in such way, Viagra will be able to adapt our clock in the cerebrum to jet lag.
  2. Multiple sclerosis. This is a very serious and dangerous disease, which affects thousands of people around the globe. It affects both genders and commonly appears in younger ages. It strongly damages the central nervous system and the destruction of the nerves leads to utterly dangerous consequences. This disease impairs all the functions of our body. One of the possible remedies against this disease is Sildenafil. A protection is possible due to an increased production of the grey matter perfusion in our cerebrum. This gives great hopes for a more dependable protection of our CNS when having this or some other similar ailments.
  3. Raynaud’s phenomenon. This is a very unpleasant illness, which is characterized by very low blood inflows to the fingers, toes and other extremities of the human body. This is a very hazardous disorder that can lead even to gangrene. Viagra is capable of helping in this matter as well. It is to be said that such possibility is very promising and its help is obvious because this inhibitor sufficiently improves the blood support of the penis and of the entire system in general. It can help both genders. Multiple customer’s reports and trials conducted by physicians have shown that in most cases, the symptoms of this illness disappeared in the patients who took Viagra. This remedy greatly increases blood streaming.
  4. Memory and learning. One of the most unexpected possible uses of Viagra is for the improvement of memory and learning skills. It is not yet clear in which way it helps, but multiple clinical trials have already proven that this inhibitor actually works. One of the most popular theories suggests that it improves the higher brain functions by the production of greater amounts of glucose in the cerebrum. The production of many neurotransmitters lowers within age and it is essential to maintain their production. The effects of Sildenafil can help in this matter too. This is a novel discovery and the scientists should learn more about its properties and proper uses.
  5. Underweight babies. One of other recent usages of Sildenafil is connected with the growth and development of the fetus. The physicians actively use it in the pregnant women whose fetus is not growing properly. Sildenafil significantly enhances the blood support of the womb and placenta. This gives the fetus additional nutrients, which are required for a proper development. There comes a needed percentage of oxygen and the essential elements. For instance, the experts out of Israel are going to administrate the pregnant women 25 mg of Sildenafil. This will make the fetus remain for a few days more in the womb. The experts believe that such assistance of Sildenafil can even prolong the lifetime of the children in the future.

As you can see, most of the usages are quite unexpected and even weird. Nevertheless, they seem to be perspective and safe. There are some other possible uses of Sildenafil, which have a great potential.  You may seek this information to know all capabilities of this resourceful inhibitor.

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