Viagra Australia 100mg: High Efficiency, Low Adverse Event Profile

Viagra is a brand name for an active drug substance called Sildenafil citrate. It is one of the most popular meds prescribed and used for erectile dysfunction treatment. Viagra was invented in the late 80’s as a medicine for cardiac angina and high blood pressure treatment. However, during the medical trial, researchers arrived at the conclusion that Sildenafil was not effective as a remedy for heart conditions or high blood pressure issues. Despite the letdown, volunteers who participated in [...]

How to Feel Confident with Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis?

Amongst the great variety of different ailments, the difficulties with erectile dysfunction, or briefly ED is one of the most frequent. The statistics says that every third man thinks about improving his potency. Nevertheless, thousands of men throughout the globe suffer from ED. Commonly, such ailment occurs in the age after 40. However, some young people experience this ailment as well. What is erectile dysfunction? This is an inability of receiving and holding for required time a proper erection. In [...]

What is the Difference between a Brand and Generic Drugs?

Drug is a popular way to can cure diseases or make health. There were times when medicine wasn’t as developed as today and people had to cope with illnesses by means of herbs and other gifts of the nature. Today, it has become possible to use both natural stuff and the latest discoveries and hi-tech technologies. World pharmaceutics produces drugs against all known diseases. Commonly, medicines are of two types: branded and generic.  Most of us have heard about [...]