Cardiovascular Implications of Erectile Dysfunction

If you take care of your heart, you’ll not suffer from erectile dysfunction. Lack of erection can be a warning about future heart problems. Did you know that?

Some men don’t know that there is a direct connection between the work of cardiovascular system and erection. The main thing is that penis rises due to a certain amount of blood that accumulates in it during sexual arousal. When there is something wrong with the blood flow, the erection may not occur. Then men start speaking about erectile dysfunction. What is that? How to fight with it? What treatment is the most effective? All the answers you can get here.

Erectile Dysfunction: a Trouble that Worries the Whole World

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that complicates lives of men in the whole world. It is connected with the inability to keep erection or even have it. In 2002 more than 150 million men suffered from ED. Since then the number has increased. Generally, these are males about 40, but latest researches showed that younger men also have this problem. The reasons of such statistic are different.

The most widespread are:

  • Problems with cardiovascular system
  • Exhaustion of the body
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Bad habits like smoking, alcohol and drug addiction
  • Infection and inflammation of urinary tracts or prostate
  • Irregular sex
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Depression
  • Other serious diseases which make the body weak
  • Wrong food and ecology

You can see that cardiovascular problems are at the first place in the list. That’s why great attention is paid to them.

Atherosclerosis: The Source of Most Complications

One of the most dangerous diseases is atherosclerosis. It provokes the creation of plaques (they are also called yellow spots) that don’t let the blood move freely. The blood flow becomes weaker and smaller, the blood pressure is getting higher and it can lead to heart attack or stroke and ED as well.

Atherosclerosis is caused by:

  • Stressful way of life
  • High level of cholesterol
  • Chronic exhaustion
  • Problems with endocrine glands functioning
  • High blood pressure
  • Angiospasm

The first sign of this disease can be the absence of erection. It’s a kind of warning that in future a person will have heart problems and other serious health complications. That’s why it is so important to see your doctor regularly and check your health condition.

I Have Erectile Dysfunction: What to DO?

The first thing to remember is that you are not to neglect the problem. Frankly speaking, it is hard to do nothing because impotence ruins not only intimate life. It imprisons your body and very often makes you unable to solve problems. What should you do if you have problems in bed? First, go to the hospital or your private health adviser. Only a professional can examine you and say whether you have ED or some temporary difficulties which can be easily solved. Don’t postpone your visit and don’t be shy. Describe your situation in details because each your word can help in the process of right medication searches. Your doctor can test your blood and heart first and then all the other factors (infections, diseases, psychological and physiological state). The next stage is to follow all doctor’s advices.

Check your knowledge of erectile dysfunction – meet a situation head-on:

Don’t forget also to:

  • be more in the open air that improves the blood circulation
  • avoid sitting way of life (even simple morning exercises or some hours in the gym can make the cardiovascular system stronger)
  • reduce the use of alcohol and tobacco
  • take drugs carefully and in clever amount
  • eat healthy food
  • find something pleasant that can distract you from troubles and let you relax
  • have enough rest and sleep

If you do everything the way it should be, you’ll get rid of the disease faster and without serious risks for your health.

What Was the First Treatment of ED?

Contemporary commercial slot is filled with the ads about medicines from various diseases. ED problem is not an exception. One of the most advertised drugs is Viagra. Its story of creation proves that erection has direct connection with cardiovascular system. Sildenafil (the active component of Viagra) was created to improve the blood flow in the myocardium and to treat myocardial ischemia and stenocardia. In 1992 the scientists together with doctors found out that it didn’t give the wished results and its influence was really small. On the other hand, they noticed some positive changes in the intimate life of patients. Sildenafil improved the blood flow in the of organs small pelvis. It brought men’s sexual life back to norm. It was a revolutionary discovery that showed that people can fight with ED.

What are the Most Effective Drugs from ED?

Today Sildenafil is not the only ingredient that can cope with ED. The others are:Cialis

There are others but these are more frequently used in pharmacology. There are also drugs which are considered to be safer due to the natural ingredients. People call them herbal Viagra.

Speaking about the most popular drugs we can name Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Priligy, Kamagra, Avana (Stendra) and others. All of them are effective and have the same mechanism of action. They provoke erection and give a long lasting effect from 4 to 7 hours. Your doctor can select the best pills taking into consideration the peculiarities of your organism. He’ll also tell you the dose and the period of medication. The pills usually have 50 or 100 mg of active components and are taken once a day. Some of them should not be used oftener than once during 36 hours. You should be careful while taking them and watch over your health condition. Any side effect should be immediately discussed with your doctor.

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How to Buy ED Drugs Online?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that likes to be hidden. If you want to avoid awkward situations in the local drugstores, you can order your pills online. Australian Pharmacy is eager to help you in that. People who work there made the process of drugs order very easy. It takes not more than 2 minutes to find and order the drugs you need. You can also call online consultants and ask what you want. To buy Viagra online is not a problem anymore. A great variety of drugs online allows you to buy the required drugs and don’t look for their equivalents.

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