How to Lower Kamagra (Sildenafil) Side Event Profile

Males handle Kamagra differently and, unfortunately, doses have very little to do with that. When the body gets older, its ability to metabolize the PDE5 inhibitor decreases greatly. The same refers to any other medication taken after 65+. Doses should be smaller and adjusted per body weight. Besides, older males take a bunch of other drugs that usually interact with Kamagra, so side effects are inevitable.

However, that’s in theory. What about real life? Do only older males can experience side effects? Actually, young males suffer from them quite often, too. Much depends on what they eat or drink and how much they take. Before teaching you to deal with Kamagra adverse reactions in a fast and effective way, we’d like to let you know what side effects should be expected: some of them are mild and require no medical help as they vanish on their own. But other ones are more severe and get persistent, if not treated.

Kamagra and Its Side Effect Profile

Over the past years, many males have switched from Viagra to Kamagra for an obvious reason: the same effects at a lower cost. It sounds appealing, doesn’t it? However, things are not as simple as they seem to be. Many males on Kamagra experience the same side effects as those, who choose Viagra. It’s all due to the main ingredient – Sildenafil Citrate – in both ED drugs.

Generally speaking, around 80% of adverse body reactions are short-lasting and mild:

  • Facial flashing and headaches are experienced by 10% of males on Kamagra;
  • Indigestion, dizziness, muscle pains and aches, nose congestion and light vision problems (a blue-tint vision) are common for 10% of males, too.

These symptoms are quite easy to deal with if you have some over-the-counter medications at hand. Males are allowed to take a painkiller drug (paracetamol) for headaches. Just drink much water when taking a pill. When you are well-hydrated, the headache will vanish. In a case of nasal congestion, it is allowed to take Sudafed. But, if any minor condition turns into a severe one and no over-the-counter drugs help, medical support is needed. Just call your doctor and let him give you a piece of advice.

A specific action method of Sildenafil Citrate does lead to slight blood pressure reduction. To tell the truth, most males don’t see a great problem about that. But not those, who are prescribed nitrates. It is strictly forbidden to combine PDE-5 inhibitors with nitrates that treat angina. Both medications trigger a significant blood pressure drop. When taken together, they lead to dangerous consequences.

What about more serious side effects than the ones mentioned above? The first one that makes males concerned is the sudden loss of vision or hearing. Even today, scientists find it hard to confirm, if these adverse reactions are a direct result of Sildenafil Citrate or they occur due to the pre-existing conditions, too. We hope you do realize that no over-the-counter med can help you out when you lose your hearing or vision ability? This is why we suggest addressing your health care provider immediately.

Some males report priapism as a lasting and painful condition. When it is left neglected, the condition triggers the permanent damage of the penis. The condition becomes irreversible, so timely medical help is a must.


Anyway, your chances for experiencing side effects after Kamagra administration can be prevented. A male, who is on this PDE5 inhibitor, should refuse from drinking alcohol. Any strong drink usually works increasing the amount of time needed for active ingredients to start working. It also makes erections much more difficult. Do you want to escape both minor and major complications? Then you should better take Kamagra on an empty stomach with a full glass of water or milk. If you take a pill with foods, you will add to the reduction of absorption and effectiveness.

If you experience side effects even if you take doses according to all your doctor’s prescriptions, then you need to have your dose reduced.

Lowering Kamagra Side Events: Basic Tips

Over-the-counter meds

We have already mentioned their effectiveness. Aspirin and other meds relieve headaches experienced after the use of Sildenafil Citrate (Australian Pharmacy Team recomended you read If you take any over-the-counter med to relieve pain, you should better drink much water along to avoid cases of dehydration that are of no help for your headache. What if a severe headache occurs? Then it has something to do not with what you take but with how much is administered. In this case, you need to have your dose reduced.

Over-the-counter meds have also proven their efficacy in case of heartburn and stomach upset provoked by Sildenafil Citrate. Today doctors may suggest having TUMS or Pepto-Bismol at hand if you are on Kamagra. If you know these conditions are usual for you, take these over-the-counter meds along with Kamagra. They won’t influence its performance but will prevent any complications.

Cool cloths for flushing

Some males just move to a cool area, when flushing occurs. We suggest using a more effective option and applying cool cloths to your warm face. It is obvious that you need to refuse from sexual activity during this time and have some rest. A cool cloth will reduce the face redness, relax your breathing and slow down the heart rate. If you succeed, you may get back to intercourse.

Saw palmetto

Its administration reduces the side effects of Viagra as well. Why this herb? It is often recommended to males for one reason only: it protects the prostate from swelling and also adds to the lowering of blood pressure. If you take saw palmetto regularly, supplement a Kamagra dose with it to avoid side effects.

If it’s not the first time you experience adverse reactions, inform your healthcare provider. Besides, it’s also essential to mention other medications that you administer as long as they can provoke the negative consequences, too (herbs, pain relievers, food supplements, antacids, hormones, vitamins, etc.). Don’t forget to mention some previous health conditions or regular complications after taking certain pills (dizziness and allergic reactions, appetite decrease, indigestion and others).

As well as Viagra, Kamagra interacts with fatty foods, alcohol, and grapefruit juice. Fatty foods postpone the action onset, alcohol adds to the reduction of effectiveness and grapefruit juice provokes some mild and serious side effects.

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And finally, if you suffer from sensitive eyes as a result of Kamagra administration, you need to avoid driving while taking the drug as well as avoid bright lights. If blurred vision is your usual condition after a dose of Sildenafil Citrate, it’s better to talk to a doctor as no home remedy or over-the-counter med will help to cope with it.

You may have heard that experiencing side effects after a PDE5 inhibitor is quite OK. Yet, we don’t want you to treat it as a norm and do nothing to escape negative reactions. Please, have a professional consultation when the effects get bothersome and don’t forget to read the label for more information.

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