Penis Enlargement Myths And Truths By Australian Pharmacy

If you were to name the most common obsession, what would it be? Leaving aside extreme cases (e.g. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) it is fairly difficult to guess. But if the very same question was asked about men the answer will be penis size. Sure, you don’t need it that badly, but just a few extra inches would do the trick, right? This particular fixation is so widespread that it fueled the development of some questionable and sometimes dangerous practices. You’ve probably received a number of spam emails promoting wondrous products that are supposed to make you bigger. Pills and creams which definitely weren’t approved by FDA or approved under totally different category, for example. Leave alone painful stretching exercises and nasty devices – you can easily injure yourself or even cause an erectile dysfunction with these.

Penis Enlargement Myths And Truths By Australian Pharmacy

Well, it’s worth the trouble…isn’t it?

Some males, especially young ones, fully acknowledge all of the risks mentioned above and still decide to have a shot with this “new method.” Why? Well, they genuinely believe about their penis size being small. Yet this notion can be challenged by statistics – penis is 5 to 6 inches long on average. There is also a fact that penis size in flaccid state doesn’t matter (yes, males do feel insecure about that too). There are, however, rare cases characterized by a reduced penis size – prostate or kidney cancer, conditions of hereditary background and hormone imbalance. But in most of these cases reduced size of a penis is caused by a primary condition or a disease. For that reason, it is strongly recommended to discuss your other concerns with a doctor before engaging in any penis enlargement practices.

The safest method of penis enlargement that works

More often than not penis size is not a problem, but how you perceive it. The optical trick at play is actively used in movies and art and called a forced perspective. In a nutshell, your penis might look smaller relative to a greater size of your body (namely torso). Additionally, if you are overweight, your penis might be partially buried beneath your belly fat. So losing weight would actually enable revealing of a penile scapus and make your penis look bigger.  You may also undergo a surgical procedure of liposuction for that but the result generally doesn’t hold for long.

Other options for penis enlargement treatment

  • Vacuum pump – think of it as an inverse pump. You stick your penis inside a plastic cylinder and then siphon off the air. Due to a pressure difference, some extra blood will flow into your penis making it look bigger. Then you clutch the base of your penis with a special ring to slow down the blood return. Obviously, the whole enlargement would last as long as you keep that ring on. Leaving it for more than 20 minutes may lead to hemorrhage per rhexis or rupture of a blood vessel with a subsequent internal bleeding. Continuous use of vacuum pumps also has an adverse effect on the quality of your erection.
  • The whole method of “penis workout routine” is debunked by the fact that penis is not a muscle. That means that “buffing it up” makes no sense whatsoever. On a bright side though, hanging weights off your penis actually may work. Of course, given that you are willing and able to wear weights 7-8 hours a day for five months. And even after that ordeal, you might get a quarter of an inch at most.
  • Pills, creams, magical penis enlargement herbs. Options listed before had either a short-term or a negligible effect but these have no effect at all. They simply don’t work. Think of it this way – your penis is covered with a smooth muscle tissue. You can observe its thickness on a foreskin (unless you were circumcised and your foreskin was completely removed). But any medicine that is supposed to spur local growth has to be applied to an inner shaft, right? Now think of any substance that’ll penetrate through an exterior layer without damaging it? Obviously, it is physically impossible for any cream/ointment to work that way. Be wary of treating glans with a dubious medicine – it may lead to disrupting penile bacterial flora and eventual mycotic infection. Not a single penis enlargement pill was proven even partially effective, so it’s strongly recommended to refrain from administering such drugs.

Surgical procedures

  • Penis lengthening. This is a faster solution than weight loss but provides similar results. The whole operation boils down to cutting a copula that links the penis to the pelvic bone. A little more of a penile shaft is revealed (less than an inch on average). In order to prevent a link from restoring itself, patient usually has to stretch his penis daily for 5-6 months.
  • A rare procedure for those who are not satisfied with a penis width. It is achieved via implanting silicone or fat.

Think again

Many surgical treatments are not approved and there is rationale for that. Before deciding on traveling abroad it would be a good idea to discuss a surgical procedure with your doctor. It’s unlikely that you’ll hear about risks involved from anybody else up until signing a consent form. Side effects generally include cosmetic disfigurement and disproportionate shape of a penis. However bad your case might seem, making your penis look all knobby and uneven would make things much worse for you. Along with penis enlargement price tag – is it really worth it? According to recent studies, less than 30 percent of men are satisfied with the results of surgical treatment. Vague prospects, high cost, serious risks and possibly disappointing results – isn’t that too much for a mere hope of an extra inch?

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