Penis Enlargement Myths And Truths By Australian Pharmacy

If you were to name the most common obsession, what would it be? Leaving aside extreme cases (e.g. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) it is fairly difficult to guess. But if the very same question was asked about men the answer will be penis size. Sure, you don’t need it that badly, but just a few extra inches would do the trick, right? This particular fixation is so widespread that it fueled the development of some questionable and sometimes dangerous practices. You’ve [...]

Testicular Function Problems and Treatments

The testicles are the main parts in a man’s reproductive and endocrine systems. These small oval-shaped glands produce steroid and peptide hormones (androgens) and are responsible for the sperm release. Thus, such twin gonads help a male stay brutal, hairy, and sexually active. An impaired testicular function is fraught with hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and infertility. What are the most typical testicular problems? Fortunately, there are just a few of them. The testes may malfunction under: Epididymitis (inflammation or infection in testicles induced [...]

Prostate Health Issue: Breaking Down Avodart and Flomax

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a pretty widespread disease that affects men of different age, although it is often caused by aging and hormonal changes. Since enlarged prostate squeezes urethra, it makes urinating difficult and has other unpleasant side effects. As a rule, doctors prescribe Avodart and Flomax to treat this condition. What is the difference between the drugs, and how do they help with prostate issues? About Avodart Avodart has Dutasteride active component that inhibits the conversion of testosterone to [...]

Invasive Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is experienced by approximately 30 per cent of men when they reach the age of 50 or above. In certain cases the syndrome may also affect younger men and is generally caused by underlying health problems, such as diabetes, nerve disease or even psychological issues. Most patients are prescribed special medications which are rather helpful in curing ED. However, in some cases any drug treatment fails, and invasive methods (or, simpler, surgery) become indispensable. Let us discuss [...]

Simple Prostate Cancer Prevention Habits Worth Adopting

Prostate cancer is the type of cancer that appears in the prostate gland, which is the part of male's reproductive system. Its main function is to take part in the production of the seminal fluid and in the process of ejaculation. More often this terrible disease is diagnosed among the men between their middle fiftieth and sixtieth. In the countries of the Western Europe, prostate cancer takes the third place among the male oncological diseases. In the United States, it [...]

L-Dopa, Lovegra and Female Viagra to Chemically Boost Her Desire

There are so many remedies to treat erectile dysfunction and to maintain an erection in general that one can easily get lost amongst them. It is utterly important to make the right choice. You should be completely sure that you have chosen a quality product, which would be both effectual and safe. Of course, the best option is to choose already proven products, such as Viagra or Cialis. These are the real giants in their sphere of action. Besides, these [...]

Am I Asexual? A Rare Disorder Underlying Non-Existent Libido

Asexuality is not a disease or a kind of disorder. It’s the lifestyle and the way of self-expression. Are you asexual? How to know you are or you’re not? And how to behave, when you know the results? The notion of asexuality often remains unclear for those, who haven’t dealt with it in their lives. And the problem is that most people choose to learn nothing about it unless it’s needed. However, there are the ones, who are looking for [...]

What’s the Role of Testosterone on Male’s Sex?

Testosterone in males is produced by the testes. It is responsible for performing many roles in the body, namely maintaining the muscle mass and strength, distributing fat in the body and ensuring bone density, regulating sex drive and sperm production. When any harmful factor causes the decrease of testosterone levels, the condition is said to trigger erectile dysfunction. But is that really so? Let’s learn the truth. What Can Cause Low Testosterone? The amount of testosterone always decreases with age. The [...]

Sexual Awakening at 70. What Else Does Generic Viagra Do?

There’s a stereotype that seniors don’t have sex. What about older couples that have just got married? What about those, who got married at their 20-30s and still love each other? No matter what may be said or written, there’s sex after 70! Changes in Sexual Life after 70: What’s Normal? The very first change that is inevitable is the physical one. In most cases physical changes affect the ability of a male to have sex or enjoy the intercourse the [...]

About Sildenafil and Tadalafil Efficiency for Prostate Cancer Patients

Many people know the unique abilities of medical remedies that contain in their formulation PDE-5 inhibitors. These are special substances of strong action. They affect the areas of pelvic organs and support them with powerful blood streaming that is required for proper erection. It becomes possible due to relaxation of the muscles of the penis. This provides enough production of blood. It should be also noted that simple implementation of these substances will not induce erection. There must be [...]