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Generic and Brand Meds: Differences and Similarities

Today many medications have one or several brand names and are normally chosen by a company that produces them. The name is usually memorable for advertising. A manufacturer is the one, who spent much time and money on developing the drug, conducting researches and trials on its formula and use. Brand pills are subjected to a patent law, which means that they are produced only by the company, who has invented them.

The shape and color, taste and size of brand medications depend on the company that makes them. At times regular medications seem to have changed, yet the formula remains the same.

There are many brand medications that have FDA-approved generic versions. Pills for an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction are in the list. Generics are referred as a group of medications with actions and effects identical to those of brand meds and names that reflect the main ingredient used in pills. For example, Viagra is a brand name and Sildenafil is its generic copy. The same goes to Cialis and Tadalafil, Levitra and Vardenafil.

As we have already mentioned, a generic drug acts in the same way as its brand counterpart. However bioequivalent meds are produced only after the patent on the brand-name drug has expired.

There are several things that make both types of meds identical:

  1. Quality;
  2. Safety;
  3. Dosage;
  4. Strength;
  5. Action method;
  6. Administration recommendations;
  7. Warnings.

Every company develops a new medication as a brand-name drug under a patent protection. The patent law protects investments in the formula development, thus giving the company the sole right to produce the pills and sell them while the patent is still in effect.

A usual patent period lasts for 10-15 years. When the period of exclusivity expires, other manufacturers can submit an ANDA to the FDA for approval to manufacture and sell a generic version. Generics are ALWAYS chemically identical to originals meds, yet they are less costly.

The price is actually one of the main reasons why so many people switch to generic medications. There is a clear explanation why brand names are so much more expensive. Well, unlike a generic manufacturer, the original pharmaceutical company pays for more than just product manufacturing. It is estimated that to develop the formula of a new drug and win the FDA approval costs around $2.6 billion. The brand company pays for researches and development that were a failure and success. Generic companies haven’t participated in any research. They use a ready-made formula instead. Today generics have already saved Americans around 1 trillion dollars over the past decade and the lion’s share falls to ED drugs like Viagra.

When the paten period comes to its end, the FDA allows generics to appear in the market. Today generics are often given the time of exclusivity for 6 months. At the end of this period a generic manufacturer proves that it is able to achieve the same concentrations of the drug in the blood as in case with brand pills. Generic manufacturers never do the study in people in order to prove effects and safety.

Generics vs. Brand Pills: Myths and Facts

Generics aren’t as safe as their brand counterparts. Generic medications have the same active ingredient that works in the body in an identical way and has the same profile of risks and benefits.
It takes generics longer to start acting in the body and provide first effects. The same amount of the active ingredient is delivered during the same time span, if you take a generic medication.
Brand medications are always made in modern facilities, while generics are their cheap copies that are produced in sub-standard facilities. The FDA doesn’t permit the use of sub-facilities. So, as long as all generics are FDA approved, they are made in modern manufacturing facilities.
Brand medications are more potent than their generic counterparts. The same strength and quality, stability and purity characterize both brand and generic pills.

How Are Generics Approved by the FDA?

The process is a long-lasting one and comprises eight stages:

  • The generic medication that seeks for the FDA approval must have the same active ingredients as the brand medication. The ingredients are to be at the same strength as in the original drug. The medication should come in the same form (tablets, liquids, soft tabs, patches, etc.). And it surely must be taken in the same way: either given as an injection or swallowed as a pill;
  • The company has to prove that the generic is bioequivalent to its original formula. It means that the body of a regular consumer should show no difference between a generic and an original medication;
  • The labeling of a new drug must be the same as the labeling of a brand drug;
  • The generic drug’s chemistry must be professionally proved. What is made by the company to control the quality of pills? Each step is described for the FDA;
  • The company should show the FDA all used ingredients as well as the final product that meets all purity and safety standards;
  • Before it is sold, the drug manufacturer is to show that a generic doesn’t change over time. When the new generic is on sale, the company ensures the stability of sales and chooses a high quality packaging;
  • The company gives a full description of facilities used in the process of manufacturing, including those for tests, packages, labels and control. It must demonstrate the adherence to all federal rules about current manufacturing practices in the good. It must allow the FDA inspection of the facility;
  • Before the approvals, the FDA inspects the company to ensure it is able to fulfill all of its promises and keep the manufacturing steady.
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Are the Overseas-Made Generics Safe?

Ordering Generics Online: Is It Safe?

The answer is ambiguous as many things depend on the online pharmacy that you choose. Australia Pharmacy is one of the online services that always take care of its customers. We are here to provide you with generic medications that are affordable. When you order your medications from us, you can feel safe and secure knowing that the online service holds your safety and confidentiality as our top priority.

Aside from the above mentioned advantages, Australia Pharmacy allows its client to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Affordable prices;
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We offer more than other similar pharmacies do. The wide stock of different medications allows you choosing right what you need when it is convenient for you. If it happens so that you can’t find the medication in one of the suggested categories, you can address our support team and we will add the required option for you.

Australia Pharmacy is a vivid proof of how reliable and trustworthy an online service can be and what confidentiality is guaranteed in case of a Viagra Australia purchase.

Generic Viagra in Australia – Better Than Any Brand Pills


How Is Generic Viagra Administered?

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Will You Suffer from Side Effects after Generic Viagra Consumption?

The answer depends on the dose and the way it is administered. 25 and 50 mg doses don’t cause severe body reactions. 100 mg doses are the highest and can cause some serious side effects. The most severe ones can appear even after the lowest dose possible, IF the pills are taken with alcohol, high-fat foods, other drugs or in serious health conditions.

This is the list of side effects from minor to severe:

  • Flushing;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Ringing in the ears;
  • Vision loss;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Stroke;
  • Heart attack.

Can you avoid side effects? You surely can, if you have a professional check up and consultation, discuss all possible body reactions and keep to doctor’s recommendations.

Choosing Generic Viagra from Australia Pharmacy is the right choice. It guarantees the efficacy of pills and your safety, compete confidentiality and support, if you lack it at home. We work for your benefits rather than those of our own. This is why we provide more benefits and ensure satisfaction both from purchasing and effects of pills you choose.